Yellow Elephant - Tansel Ali

Yellow Elephant

Memory is the stepping-stone to getting ahead in life. It is the first step to becoming a thinking person; without remembering facts, you cannot think, conceptualize, reason, make decisions, create or contribute. There is no learning without memory. With this one book, you will learn to remember anything you see, read, or hear — and retain it for as long as you like.

A strong memory helps you stay ahead in many aspects of your daily life; you become more effective, and more powerful at work, at study, at keeping track of business transactions, and making sure your message is remembered by others.

No one needs to settle for a memory like a sieve: all it takes is some simple techniques to keep your brain fit and improve the way you remember, and manage the knowledge you possess. It's no longer necessary to accept poor or waning memory or 'senior moments' as inevitable results of growing older — and this book proves it.


Tansel Ali is a 4-time Australian Memory Champion and world leading memory expert. He is most famously known for memorizing two Yellow Pages phone books in only 24 days. An international bestselling author, Tansel is a sought-after speaker and personal memory coach.

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