What Happens to Good People When Bad Things Happen - Robert A Schuller

What Happens to Good People When Bad Things Happen

In the midst of suffering, do you find yourself wondering: why did this have to happen to me?

It's natural to become discouraged and bitter. It seems that life isn't fair and that no one cares, even God doesn't care.

We don't live in a perfect world or in perfect times. We have plenty of problems. But all too often we focus on the negatives and forget the good and the positive things happening to us.

International bestselling author and counselor, Robert A Schuller reminds us that we can experience greatest of blessings even in the middle of what seem to be personal failure and tragedy. God's blessings far transcend anything that can happens to us while we live our individual lives.


Robert Anthony Schuller is an American author, televangelist and television executive. He was formerly a minister on the Hour of Power weekly television program broadcast from the Crystal Cathedral in Orange County, California, where he was named senior pastor in 2006. An ordained minister, Schuller is the only son of Crystal Cathedral founders Robert H. Schuller and Arvella Schuller.

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