Treasury of Courage and Confidence - Norman Vincent Peale

Treasury of Courage and Confidence

The world-wide bestseller that has inspired millions to live happier, fuller lives.

'The power of great thoughts is incalculable', says Norman Vincent Peale. To a large extent our lives are made by our thoughts and ideas. Finally, we become what we think.

Drawing upon the materials from some of the greatest writings — from Bible and The Gita to Shakespeare, from Wordsworth to Tagore and Nizami — there is something to life the spirit of every reader and guide him to live life to the fullest.


Norman Vincent Peale, (born May 31, 1898, Bowersville, Ohio, U.S. — died December 24, 1993, Pawling, New York), influential and inspirational American religious leader who, after World War II, tried to instill a spiritual renewal in the United States with his sermons, public-speaking events, broadcasts, newspaper columns, and books. He encouraged millions with his best seller, The Power of Positive Thinking.

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