Secrets of Success - Charles Newton

Secrets of Success

When was the last time you tried to punch a hole in the sky?

Test pilots, punching into stratosphere, climbing to undreamt heights in jets and rocket planes, have a phrase they use to describe their work.

They call it 'punching holes in the sky'.

That is what we meant to do with our lives, to climb beyond the humdrum, to reach beyond the preoccupation of daily existence. However, more often than not, we aim too low. We are human, we tell ourselves. The sky is too high to think of punching holes in it. It is the impossible that gets life out of its rut and onto a highway that leads us to our goal.

Think big, work hard and have the courage to dream.

Concentrate on achieving that dream. Remember, if you don't care for your dreams, who will.

Make the impossible your goal. Success begins to happen when you change your 'I can't', philosophy to 'I can'.


Charles Newton

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