Improve Your English - D D Vaid

Improve Your English

This book is a result of the lifelong teaching experience of a reputed Prof. of English and Principal of Post-graduate college. It explains common errors made by Indians in the use of English and gives valuable hints on correct usage of English. It explains simple rules for gaining command over both written and spoken English.

Whether you are a student, office worker, businessman, company executive, scholar, statesman, or even a writer, this book will help you to learn to use English faultlessly and fluently and bring you progress, profit and prestige in your life.

Book Review

'Makes the task very easy for the beginners as well as others who are keen to learn how to write and speak chaste, idiomatic and flawless English in their day-to-day work and life.' Pioneer

'D.D. Vaid has long experience in teaching English, first as a professor of English and later as Head of the English Department, Punjab University. This book will surely help the students, writers and others to write and speak English correctly.'Nagpur Times

'The book coming out of the distilled experience of the author over the years gives valuable hints to improve English and to avoid commonly made mistakes. Useful for everyone who wants to handle English... well.'M.P. Chronicle

'... instructive and interesting... avoids dull, dry and tedious rules of grammar, inserts numerous examples against Indian setting on common everyday topics.'Hitavada


D.D. Vaid

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