How to Stop Worrying and Rediscover Life - Dr. Frank Tallis

How to Stop Worrying and Rediscover Life

Would you agree that some people worry more than others and some are born worriers? Do you feel worried without knowing why? Do you wish you felt more relaxed?

A situation that is perceived as threatening or containing possibility of one or more unfavourable outcomes triggers worry. These are 'problem situations' and when we fail to deal with them we continue to worry.

Worry though unpleasant, is a perfectly normal part of life. It is a natural warning system. It's our brain's way of reminding that something is wrong and needs to be dealt with.

So what are the key points to remember if we want to stop worrying:

This clear and concise book offers practical and powerful tools to reverse worry, avoid stress and anxiety and transform quality of your life and start feeling alive once again.


Dr. Frank Tallis gives tried-and tested- ways to control worry, and says that there are only very few problems you will not be able to overcome. You will learn to understand your fears and face the possibilities of life rationally and calmly.

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