How to Improve Your Confidence - Dr. Kenneth Hambly

How to Improve Your Confidence

'Confidence can be improved. You too can learn to be more confident. If you ever, at any time, feel lacking in confidence, then this book is for you.

'Your confidence depends on what you think of yourself and whether you believe in yourself. In this book I will show you ways of improving your confidence', says Dr. Hambly, the author. 'I will help you to help yourself. There is no need to feel uncomfortable, isolated and alone in your life. We all have great resources we often don't fully use. If you feel you are sometimes lacking in confidence it is time you did something about it. Why not start now?'

How to Improve Your Confidence contains advice about how to handle situations where we feel uneasy. It teaches you how to relax, and how to look objectively at your own behaviour and that of other people. It will help you learn techniques to cope with the unexpected and the uncomfortable, to change your attitude towards problems and get most out of life.


Dr. Kenneth Hambly

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