How to Be Your Own Best Friend - Dr. Paul Hauck

How to Be Your Own Best Friend

Many people feel guilty and inadequate about putting themselves first. But if you show love, caring and attention to persons close to you, why not to yourself? You will add great joy to your life by looking after yourself and your interests. Being your own best friend is the most sensible thing you can do!

Those who look after their interests have better control over their lives and fare better in this world than those who don't. They are the real winners. These are the facts of life, not necessarily fair. Learn to be firm and assertive when life so demands. Put yourself first.

This is the message of the book.


Dr. Paul Hauck is a full time practicing clinical psychologist in Illinois, USA. He is a fellow of the American Psychological Association, has lectured widely on various aspects of psychology and his articles appear regularly in professional journals. His books include Hold Your Head Up High, Calm Down, Jealousy, How to Stand up for Yourself and How to Cope When People Drive You Crazy have been translated into 16 languages.

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