Complete Mental Fitness Book - Tom Wujec

Complete Mental Fitness Book

How would you rate your level of mental fitness?

No matter which category you have selected, remember that mental fitness — your ability to concentrate, to reason, to visualize, to imagine, to make decisions, to solve problems, and to think clearly and creatively — depends on how well and how often you exercise your mind.

If you feel that you are mentally out of shape, then cheer up, you can improve simply by taking the time to work your mental muscles.

If you feel fit, then recognize that you still need exercises to keep your mind in top shape. Even Olympic athletes need practice...

'To exercise one's mind is to sharpen and improve the most human thing a human being possesses... the book shows you how to do it and amply proves that the process is fun as well.'Isaac Asimov


Tom Wujec is the author and editor of several books, a fellow at Autodesk, an adjunct professor at Singularity University, a multiple TED Conference speaker and a pioneer in the emerging practice of business visualization.

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