2nd Little Book of Mathematical Principles, Equations & Theories - Dr. Robert Soloman

2nd Little Book of Mathematical Principles, Equations and Theories

The book explains over 120 laws, principles, equations, paradoxes and theorems that are the foundation of modern mathematics.

Making serious math simple, it explains Fibonacci numbers, Zeno's paradoxes and Euclid's Elements, as well as those essentials such as chaos theory, game theory and, of course, the game of life.

This little book simplifies the ancient discipline of mathematics, and provides fascinating answers to intriguing questions, including: When did people first use numbers? What is the Greatest Pyramid - and where can it be found? What is a perfect number? How many grains of sand would fill the universe? Is there a theory for stacking oranges?

The book is arranged in chronological order and is excellent either for dipping into or for reading from cover to cover for a thorough and engaging understanding of mathematics.


Dr. Robert Solomon has written over 30 books, including several GCSE mathematics textbooks and revision guides. Many of his titles are designed for A-Level students, such as Mechanics and Statistics. He has shared his extensive knowledge of principles, theorems and equations by teaching both at universities and schools in the UK and Africa.

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