Be Love

Be Love - Dr. Pallavi Kwatra

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This book is a testimonial of how love was used as a channel for divine realization. The beloved though appears as a separate entity is a bridge between the soul self and its divine reflections. Through the medium of poetry and couplets, Dr. Pallavi Kwatra renders her heart naive to the brevity of love. This journey must land her to where it all began... her own heart.

Dr. Pallavi's life crystallized into an incarnation of grace when love became her guiding light and her spiritual insignia. Travel on to journey with her to the depths of your own heart and uncover its treasures in tenderness and awe.


Dr. Pallavi Kwatra is a anesthesiologist by profession, a writer at heart. Though words are ill-equipped to accurately portray the heart’s lovely landscapes, she makes some tiny humble efforts to make poetry or write her deep impressions on life and its splendorous beauties. She is deeply interested in reading about various religions, faiths and philosophies. In all her readings, she is only in awe of the similar sacredness that she encounters. She is also a Buddhist practitioner, a Reiki channel, practices kriya and hatha yoga and is proficient in other healing modalities. She holds avid interest in learning various alternative healing modalities of the mind, body and soul other than her own allopathic medicine practice. These urges were inspired in her by a life threatening medical encounter in 2010 that set her to seek deeper. Natural beauties of oceans and mountains inspire in her creativity and entice her to discover newer unchartered lands of her soul self. She strongly believes in the power of the pen to strike the heart’s deepest chords to compose newer and more melodious music. 

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ISBN: 9788122206005 | Format: Paperback | Language: English | Extent:  120 pp