Tantric Sex for Women

Tantric Sex for Women - Christa Schulte


The first ever book devoted entirely to tantra for women — all women.

Tantric Sex for Women encourages women to explore their sexuality in an open, playful, personal way. Using an inclusive, empowering approach, the author explains how every woman can increase her pleasure and add delight to her sexual encounters.

Over 50 exercises form the heart of this book: solo exercises; love games for couples; and rituals, meditation and massage techniques. They are by turns creative and enjoyable, uplifting and profound, even thrilling and naughty, intended to inspire women to activate their sensuality and enjoy the small ecstasies of everyday life. Men who read the book and play with the exercises are likely to gain valuable insight into women and women's sexuality, making them more sensitive and skilled lovers.


Christa Schulte is a licensed psychologist and psychotherapist and lives in Bremen, Germany, where she operates her own centre for feminist psychotherapy and supervision. In addition to a degree in Integrative Gestalt therapy, training in physical therapy, she has learned various forms of tantra, and now mainly works on ways to support women in (re)discovering their sexuality and finding their innate forms of expression.

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ISBN: 9788122204612 | Format: Paperback | Language: English | Extent:  224 pp