Tantra Demystified

Tantra Demystified - Vikas Malkani


A treasure trove of ancient tantric wisdom for happiness in life; a manual for enlightened loving and living.

Tantra is believed to be the oldest single source of knowledge concerning the energies of the mind, body and spirit. It is a spiritual belief system that originated in ancient Hindu culture and views the material world as a manifestation of the Divine in which everything is accepted and connected — woven together.

One of the deepest insights of tantra is that the human body is a single energy phenomenon. At the physical level, this energy is expressed as sex drive. At the level of the nervous system and the brain, it is experienced as ecstasy. The sexual drive is an instinctive, raw energy which has to be accepted and respected. It is the raw material which can be transformed in many different ways — the crude oil from which the high-octane fuel of ecstasy is produced.

How you can use this powerful energy to live every moment of your life and experience both spiritual and sexual bliss is the focus of the book.

"Read this book, it will change you forever." — Swami Chaitanya Keerti, Editor Osho World Magazine

"You hold in your hands a beautiful journey to oneness - a celebration of love, intimacy and sexuality..." — Sally Forrest, International Reiki Master

"A must-have guide book... a thoughtful gift for parents young and old alike." — Dr Ann Tan, Mt Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore

"This book is the ideal balm to the recession-hit soul. The author promises his readers a 'sex-citing journey', and the book lives up to the corniness of this offer. With Osho as his presiding genius, Malkani holds forth on the spiritual pleasures of love making. There is a 'Sexual Beliefs Questionnaire' at the end, which is not recommended to the faint-hearted." — The Telegraph


Vikas Malkani is one of the world's leading teachers of spiritual awakening, personal growth and self-awareness. Over the years he has called a spiritual guru, zen master, soul-coach, master motivator and mystic. Originally from India, he is the founder of SoulCentre, a holistic school based in Singapore that is dedicated to awakening the human spirit in each individual.

Vikas is a disciple of Swami Rama of the Himalayas and has been trained in the wisdom lineage of the Himalayan Masters that involves the disciplines of meditation, spiritual wisdom and yoga.

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ISBN: 9788122204780 | Format: Paperback | Language: English | Extent:  224 pp