Sexual Side of Marriage

Sexual Side of Marriage - M J Exner


Of the many books on the subject this can fairly claim to be one of the best, positive in approach, helpful in explanation, and high in ideals.

This is not just another book on sex in marriage. It seeks to give an insight into the factors that make for a successful marriage, with particular emphasis upon its sexual aspects, and the problems which sometimes arise from ignorance, fear and inhibition. It describes the biology of sex, its organs and functioning in men and women, and its more elusive but even more important psychic aspects, the causes and varieties of maladjustment that can occur, and how these can be avoided or overcome.

The book is not meant to titillate, but to provide all the information one needs on the subject. It is positive in approach and helpful in explanation.


M J Exner, M.D., is a doctor with long experience, who believes that nothing is to be gained by ignoring or hiding the facts of life. He has sought to point the way towards marriage at its best, which makes it the great, thrilling, creative adventure — which is the hope and dream of every normal human being.

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ISBN: 9788122203653 | Format: Paperback | Language: English | Extent:  128 pp