In the Wonderland of Numbers - Shakuntala Devi

In the Wonderland of Numbers

The adventures of an engaging and talented child, Neha, in the Wonderland of Numbers is a fine way to introduce children to the concept of maths as fun activity.

The specialties of each individual number, from zero to nine, and the little mathematical tricks as shown by Shakuntala Devi, all combine to make the reader learn to befriend numbers and excel at maths.

'Numbers are not symbols to be written on the blackboard... They are the doorway to the world of intellectual adventure... My purpose of narrating this wonderful story is to take away any fear a child may have of numbers. Numbers are fun, numbers are magical. It is my hope that this story will inspire parents and teachers to enthuse children with a life-long love for numbers and maths.' Shakuntala Devi


Born in a well-known family of Brahmin priests in Bangalore, Shakuntala Devi received her early lessons in mathematics from her grandfather. By the age of five, she was recognised as a child prodigy and an expert in complex mental arithmetic. A year later she demonstrated her talents to a large assembly of students and professors at the University of Mysore.

Hailed as an authentic heroine of our times her feats are recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. She made international headlines for out-performing and out-computing the most sophisticated computers in the world. Yet Shakuntala Devi dislikes being called the ‘human computer’. She strongly believes that people have minds better than any computer. Her passionate interest in exploring and expanding the learning capacity of the human mind led her to develop the concept of ‘mind dynamics’. She maintains that a child’s curiosity and receptivity during infancy and childhood can never be matched, and we must, as parents, nurture the young minds by offering the right learning process and motivation to develop the innate strengths possessed by every child. This book is a result of her cumulative experience in mind dynamics. 

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