Born to Grow

Born to Grow - Dr. Umesh Sharma

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Are we the parents our children need?

When asked what makes a nation great, Napoleon replied: Mothers. When Isidor Rabi, winner of Nobel Prize in Physics, was interviewed he said he owed it all to his mother.

Parents can play a crucial role in developing latent talents and current strengths through experiences they impart to their child at home.

Born to Grow: Parenting Happy and Confident Children presents a road map to assure a child's success through self-esteem, empowerment and wholeness. The author has instilled this book with alternatives, non-verbal approaches to helping children think clearly, manage feelings, and cope with stress. Parents will be able to offer guidance on clarifying a child's life direction. Use of mind-body approaches to parenting the whole child is beauty of the book.

Your child's world is special, mysterious, exciting, confusing and yet complete. Written in easy-to-understand language, and full of real life examples, the book will help you see the world from your child's point of view and make parenting a never-ending joyous adventure.

"Distinct from many other books. (this book) offers concrete and useful advice. I would strongly recommend to all parents..." - Dr. Jitendra Nagpal, Psychiatrist, Vimhans, New Delhi

"This practical and indispensable guide for busy parents in the modern world will help to keep your balance and your kids to thrive." - Prof. Pritam Singh, MDI Gurgaon

"Wonderfully clear, provocative, and satisfying. Dr. Sharma's groundbreaking book should be mandatory reading for every parent and teacher." - R C Surana, CEO, HEG


Dr. Umesh Sharma, PhD, Diploma in Medical Psychology, MBA, Certified Trainer for MBTI and NLP is a psychologist and corporate trainer specialising in Work-life Balance, Leadership Development, Stress Management, Psychometric Testing, Family Therapy, Child Psychology and Anger Management. He is an author of eminence of over 100 articles and two award-winning books. His book Stress Management Through Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science is a bestseller. He features regularly on TV shows and is a recipient of several awards including the ‘Best Management Paper’ and ‘Best HRD Professional Award’ etc. Five PhD thesis have been awarded under his guidance.

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