Numerology for All

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The date, month and year you were born in - that's all you need to know to discover your future in a matter of minutes! Numerology for All introduces you to the fascinating world of numbers, and shows you how they influence your destiny. Acquaint yourself with your governing planet and zodiac sign; gain a perspective into various approaches to numerology; and find out which numbers, colours, flowers, and metals will help you become a success.

Numerology for All highlights the authenticity of the science by giving you examples of events, both mundane and historical, which have proved the cyclic influence of numbers true. You, too, can benefit from this science, and open up a bright new future for yourself.


Pandit Ashutosh Ojha is a well-known astrologer and numerologist. His predictions in public and personal spheres have proved singularly accurate over the years, thus awarding him a position of high esteem among his contemporaries. He has written a number of books on numerology, palmistry and astrology.

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Format: eBook | Language: English