Know Your Future Through Date of Birth

Know Your Future Through Date of Birth - Shiraz


Numbers, like the holy mantras, wield powerful influence on all events in the universe. Each primary number from 1 to 9 is, in fact, a cosmic code having its own special characteristics, its own exclusive subjects and its own good and bad effects.

A true knowledge of the mystical powers of numbers can give a man a clear insight into the unpredictable future.

This book will teach you to interpret the unique combination of numbers in your date of birth or that of anyone else in the world. It will help you to read the person's character, hidden nature, habits, emotional and sexual characteristics, harmonious relationships, harmful influences, etc.


Shiraz is India's well-known numerologist and palmist who has a large clientele not only in India but also abroad.

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ISBN: 9788122201581 | Format: Paperback, eBook | Language: English | Extent:  164 pp