Cheiro's Palmistry

Cheiro's Palmistry

As face is the index of mind, palm is the index of one's future. Palmistry is a fascinating science of knowing future by reading lines of the palm.

It has been proved that the lines in the hand have a normal and natural position, just as the nose or the eyes on the face. The slightest deviation, break or curve from the normal denotes unusual qualities or tendencies. With full knowledge of these qualities and tendencies proper precautions can be taken. This complete, unabridged and authorised edition of Cheiro's practical handbook has long been accepted as the classic of palmistry.

Book Review

'I must say this work on palmistry the way it has been written and elucidated by Cheiro, will be of great interest to readers, and they will get enough insight into the art of hand-reading.'  Jagjit Uppal


Count Louis Hamon, better known as 'Cheiro' is regarded as the most successful palmist, numerologist and astrologer. He was seriously initiated into the art of fortune telling when he came to India and lived with the Joshi family in Bombay (now Mumbai). He was one of the first to translate and interpret in English the Hindu works of palmistry. Thereafter starting his practice and continuing his study and research he wrote the remarkable books on palmistry, numerology and astrology in English.

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