Cheiro's Numerology and Astrology

Cheiro's Numerology & Astrology

The magic of numbers has fascinated man ever since he unraveled its deeper meaning and significance in fortune telling. The Science of Numerology explains the occult significance of numbers and their influence and relation to human life, and showing how to determine one's lucky or important numbers, the number value of one's name and place of living and propitious times for important transactions and decisions. The system of numerology as explained by Cheiro is easy to follow and needs no intricate mathematical calculations.

This complete unabridged, authorised edition will make you your own numerologist and help you win popularity and save you from falling into the hands of charlatans, vagrants and unscrupulous fortune tellers.


Count Louis Hamon, better known as 'Cheiro' is regarded as the most successful palmist, numerologist and astrologer. He was seriously initiated into the art of fortune telling when he came to India and lived with the Joshi family in Bombay (now Mumbai). He was one of the first to translate and interpret in English the Hindu works of palmistry. Thereafter starting his practice and continuing his study and research he wrote the remarkable books on palmistry, numerology and astrology in English.

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