Joy of Laziness

Joy of Laziness - Peter Axt and Michaela Axy-Gadermann


The early bird may get the worm, but late sleepers live longer. Sounds too good to be true? Not according to The Joy of Laziness.

The authors — one a health scientist and the other a medical doctor — explain why... too much exercise can make you sick, being relaxed and even-tempered makes you smarter, sun and heat are the fountains of youth, and 'doing nothing' actually does a whole lot good. Based on scientific research called Metabolic Theory, The Joy of Laziness reveals why the speed at which we live affects our energy and longevity.

This book could be revolutionary for anyone who wants to stay healthy, be happy and live longer.

"Dr. Axt is challenging a fitness ethic that is at the core of a huge industry... Yet the hammock could be the key to a healthier life." — The Times, London

"This guide not only collects tips on how one can save life energy, it also explains the background and consequences. What makes it particularly clear is that every chapter ends with a summary of the most important facts. What a practical book — it takes away your bad conscience when you haven't been able to get up on a Saturday morning once again." — Cosmopolitan


Peter Axt, Ph.D., is a health Scientist and had been a leading member of the German Track and Field Association. He has written several books and numerous essays in medical journals.Michaela Axy-Gadermann, M.D., is a doctor, journalist and the author of several books and medical journal articles.

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ISBN: 9788122203899 | Format: Paperback | Language: English | Extent:  160 pp