Homoeopathic Cure for Common Diseases

Homoeopathic Cure for Common Diseases

Homoeopathy has already gained recognition as a safe, convenient and inexpensive system for curing a large number of diseases. Also, it is simple to understand.

This book, organised for quick and handy reference, provides homoeopathic cures and prevention for nearly all common diseases as also many chronic ones, such as, Fevers, Malaria, Typhoid, Eye, Ear and Nose Problems, Respiratory Disorders like Bronchitis, Asthma and T.B., Heart Trouble, Blood Pressure, Digestive Disorders like Constipation, Dysentery and Acidity, Skin Diseases, Sexual Malfunctioning etc., and has special sections on Women's and Children's Diseases. Other special features include a list of 100 most commonly required medicines for your family and homoeopathic first-aid guide for common household accidents and emergencies.

You don't require any previous knowledge of Homoeopathy to understand or make use of this unique step-by-step homoeopathic guide to good health.

Book Review

'For everyday disorders the book holds sheaves of information... with names and properties of a hundred different cures given it can serve like an instant dictionary which could pinpoint a remedy for any illness.'Times of India

'From acidity to warts, from hydrocephalus to spermatorrhoea, all possible ailments have been covered... and cure for every disease is prescribed.'The Mail


Dr. Yudhvir Singh is known in Delhi as Father of Homoeopathy, is one of India's most eminent homoeopaths. This book is based on his vast experience, over 50 years, of curing thousands of patients through this system.

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