Healthy Heart Diet Book

The Healthy Heart Diet Book - G Padma Vijay


More heart problems result directly from poor food selection, and consequent poor metabolism of essential nutrients, than any other cause. Yet, more often than not, we end up making wrong choices.

Eat fresh, simple foods and your body will make good use of them. More processing means more problems.

This book brings you all the information you need about healthy eating. The author provides comprehensive information on nutrition, calorie, fat and cholesterol contents of various foods, and a round-up of foods and recipes that will extend the life of your heart.


G Padma Vijay is a trained nutritionist with deep interest and research experience in clinical nutrition (on obesity). She holds multiple postgraduate diplomas in Nutrition, Dietetics and Psychological Counselling and has worked as a researcher in Clinical Nutrition at SNDT Women's University, Mumbai and taught at Modern College, Mumbai. She earned her Masters degree in Plant Science from Osmania University after graduating in Chemistry and Biology.

Her articles on health and nutrition appear regularly in several magazines and newspapers; including Femina and The Times of India. She lives in Mumbai and runs a Diet Therapy and Nutrition Clinic there.

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ISBN: 9788122203448 | Format: Paperback | Language: English | Extent:  192 pp