Healing Power of Garlic

Healing Power of Garlic - Paul Bergner

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Garlic has been prized by human beings ever since the first records of civilization. Remains of garlic have been found in caves inhabited more than ten thousand years ago, and it is mentioned in the earliest medical records of each major civilization. Garlic has moved from nation to nation with invading armies, and rebellions have been fought over it. The pyramids might not even have been completed without it.

From prehistory to the present, garlic has been a treasure of humanity, both as a food and as a medicine, and today even the scientific establishment, has endorsed it as a medicine for preventing cancer, reversing high blood pressure, overcoming fatigue, lowering cholesterol, boosting your immune system, resist colds, infections and flus, asthma, arthritis, etc.

Garlic as Medicine — the Scientific Proof

The Healing Power of Garlic is an interesting, informative journey through the collective experience of the ages from the cradle of civilization (and before) to the twenty-first century and beyond. If you use garlic for health purposes, or are simply curious about this fascinating plant, you will enjoy reading and referring to this engaging, if less then decisive account.

"Garlic is a veritable pharmacopeia. That's why garlic has been found in every medical book of every culture ever. For thousands of years, garlic has been used for the treatment and prevention of disease. So there has to be something about garlic." — Dr. Herbert Pierson, U.S National Cancer Institute

"Well written and well presented... the book does justice." — The Hindu


Paul Bergner, the author, strongly believes that Mother Nature is the world's greatest healer. His conviction is based on intense research and supported by scientific evidence and proof. He is the editor of Medical Herbalism and Clinical Nutrition Update, and a faculty member at the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies in Boulder, Colorado, USA. He was the founding editor of The Naturopath Physician magazine and has been a contributing editor for Natural Health, The Nutrition and Dietary Consultant, and Health World.

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