Diabetes: Prevention and Treatment — Ada P Kahn

Diabetes: Prevention and Treatment

Diabetes is not a disease of blood sugar alone. Like no other disease, it involves the entire body and all its systems. Therefore, controlling not only the blood sugar, but also the factors controlling blood sugar is important.

The book not only explains how diabetes can be controlled with greater attention to diet, weight control, exercise, smoking and drinking habits and a healthier lifestyle, but also provides up-to-date information on diagnosis, glycaemic index of foods and long-term management of diabetes. It explains how to monitor blood sugar at home and gives practical guidelines and helpful advice for everyday problems of living with diabetes and leading a normal, healthy and active life.

Diabetes can be controlled. Scientific and simple-to-understand meal planers and exchange charts help you with effective sugar control.

Book Review

'Provides fundamental explanations of the everyday problems of living with diabetes in a readable format.'  Melvin M Chertrack, MD, FACP Past President, American Diabetes Association


Frank J. Ismail, M.S., Ph.D is a research scientist focusing on onset, progression and complications of diabetes in Asia and Africa. Key areas of his studies include screening, preventive intervention and effective communication on promoting healthy eating, weight loss, physical activity, and appropriate use of medications to prevent and control diabetes.

Ada P. Kahn, MPH is a post-graduate in Public Health and a former member of the teaching faculty of the University of Health Sciences, and Chicago Medical School. Her background includes affiliations with American Medical Association and the US Department of Health and Human Services.

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