Cure Aches and Pains Through Osteopathy


Safe and Vital Relief from Pains and Aches caused by:

The present-day fast tempo of living with its in-built pressures and tensions often produces muscle spasms in the body, which alter the bony structure and cause pain.

Osteopathy offers a safe and drug-free alternative. Dr. Krishna M Modi, a product of Lucknow University, a practicing orthopaedist, and now, India's leading osteopath, discusses and explains the remarkably effective massage and manipulation techniques used in osteopathy to provide relief and permanent cure from pains, aches and other related problems.


Dr. Krishna M Modi is a leading osteopath and perhaps, the first one to qualify from India. He was a practising orthopaedist within the tradition of allopathy till he found himself dissatisfied with the inadequacy of this method in treating various types of aches and pains. He delved deeper and discovered that osteopathy, a therapy which could give tremendous relief to the sufferer, remain untapped.

Widely travelled through the US - the birthplace of osteopathy, European and Scandinavian countries, the erstwhile USSR and the Middle East, the author has gained first-hand knowledge of the latest advances in manipulative therapy. He has also written extensively on the subject.

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