Cancer: Prevention & Treatment

Cancer: Prevention and Treatment - Dr. O P Jaggi


The greatest single truth about the cancer enigma is that most cancers, when detected and treated early, are curable. Awareness, early detection, preventive measures and information about medical treatment are the underlying and recurrent themes of the book.

The author explains common cancers, their symptoms, the diagnostic tests and discusses available treatment. Recognizing that some treatments have undesirable side-affects, these are described and their management discussed.

80% of all cancers are associated with environmental Causes. These are preventable. This straight forward and helpful book tells you how early detection and aggressive treatment can and does save life.


Prof. Dr. O.P. Jaggi is a medical scientist of international standing. He is the former Dean of the faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Delhi, and Director of V. Patel Chest Institute, Delhi.

He firmly believes in the concept of preventive medicine and, therefore, in explaining medical facts. he has written and spoken extensively on health and medicine, both in India and abroad. His books on healthcare including Asthma & Allergies; Prevention and Treatment; Asthma in Children; Healing Systems and You Can Prevent Heart Attack have been immensely popular. His deep commitment to patient care has won him wide recognition.

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ISBN: 9788122200621 | Format: Paperback | Language: English | Extent:  176 pp