Better Eyesight Without Glasses - W H Bates

Better Eyesight Without Glasses

According to Dr. Bates, most people who wear glasses need not. Eyes that rely on glasses have merely become 'lazy' and need to be retrained. The Bates Method is a set of simple, easy-to-do exercises to relax and retrain the eyes muscles to focus without strain and work more efficiently. It's success has been proved over and over gain.

The most remarkable testimony came from Aldous Huxley, who could barely even read a book, 'The proof of the pudding is in the eating... Within a couple of months I was reading without spectacles and, what was better still, without fatigue!... (this was) the first and most convincing test that the system works.'

Written in a simple and lucid style, the book is a definitive guide to the Bates Method. The stress in on natural methods such as palming and central fixation, and home treatment, wherever practical. Bates Method has helped countless persons recover their natural eyesight proving that good eyesight without glasses is not a myth, but a very achievable reality.

The present volume is a thoroughly researched and updated edition of the classic work.

Book Review

'... The most helpful reprint of the year.'Bestseller, UK

'Time has proved the worth of Bates Method, and for this the world should be grateful.' Harris Gruman, Author, New Ways to Better Sight


William Horatio Bates (1860-1931) graduated from Cornell, and received his medical degree from the College of Physicians and Surgeons. He established a practice in New York and also served as instructor in ophthalmology at the N.Y. Postgraduate Medical School and Hospital.

His researches led him to the discovery of an entirely new theory of the eye’s method of functioning, and a new trend in the treatment of defective eyesight. While connected with the N.Y. Post Graduate Medical School and Hospital, Bates improved myopia in many people, including students and doctors, at the clinic.

The prestigious journal, Scientific American, in its issue of January 1918, wrote ‘...(here is) one eye specialist who has actually been (reversing) errors of refraction without glasses for 30 years, and... has been able to present evidence which appears to invalidate most theories on which the present practice of ophthalmology is based... (his findings) promise to revolutionize the practice of ophthalmology and are... of tremendous import to the country'.

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