Acupuncture Cure for Common Diseases

This book explains how acupuncture can help in preventing as well as treating a host of physical, emotional and psychological problems, including several that modern medicines has failed to treat. It describes how acupuncture works, its techniques and how the use of modern scientific methods has made it amongst the best and most effective drugless techniques. 


Dr. Raman Kapur is a renowned Medical Acupuncturist, widely recognized for developing the practice of scientific Acupuncture in India and curing many patients suffering from intractable diseases.  He is the recipient of the first Padma Shri in Medical Acupuncture awarded by the Hon’ble President of India Smt. Pratibha Patil, on 5th May, 2008.

Born on 12th January 1957, Dr. Kapur graduated in Medical from Delhi University, He received training in Acupuncture in China, Sri Lanka and Australia.  He started practice in 1982.  During his past 36 years of clinical practice of Acupuncture, he has achieved excellent curative results in the treatment of conditions like spondylitis, backaches, arthritis, asthma, skin diseases, gynae disorders, eye diseases including optic nerve atrophy and retinal degeneration, cigarette de-addiction, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, facial paralysis etc.

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