30 Day Cholesterol Program - Barbara Kraus

30-Day Cholesterol Program

This book is based on up-to-date medical research and findings. It adheres closely to the recommendations of the US National Cholesterol Education Program and the guidelines set by the American Heart Association.

Designed to help anyone who wants to lower his or her serum cholesterol, or simply wants to avoid ever having a cholesterol problem, it suggests a distinctive low-fat, high fiber diet plan and simple exercising guidelines to help reduce cholesterol to a safe, life-extending level.

It is an easy to understand plan that you can actually use and benefit from. Keeping your weight under control, sticking to al low fat, high fiber diet and keeping blood lipids in a healthy balance is a lifelong effort. It is never too early to start. So start now.

This book will help you to lead a long and healthy life.


Barbara Kraus

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