With the Kama Sutra Under My Arm

With the Kama Sutra Under My Arm: An Indian Journey - Trisha Bernard

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What do you do when your boyfriend dumps you and you’re nursing a broken heart?

For Trisha Bernard, the answer’s clear: escape to India, armed with a copy of the Kama Sutra. That’s how she readied herself should love (or lust) strike in the land of Kama Sutra.

But, as it always happens, not everything goes quite as planned. At the last minute, she’s joined by her long-lost eccentric shopaholic friend who travels with a monster-sized suitcase with its untidy collection of clothes, maps, pamphlets, plastic bags and some secret womanly stuff.

Navigating the chaotic streets of India in death defying auto-rickshaws and traversing the country on overcrowded trains and rattling buses the two find themselves almost marooned and camel-napped in the Thar desert and later attacked in no uncertain terms by an amorous monkey in New Delhi... Then, there’s India itself, where strangers share chai, samosas, gossip and much else at roadside dhabas existing in the middle of nowhere...

With Kama Sutra to inspire passion, the two friends lead us on a wacky and witty romp through one of the most fascinating potpourri of cultures.


Trisha Bernard was born in Melbourne and began travelling at sixteen. She hasn't stopped since and has visited more than 100 countries, even stopping to earn a bit of money in twenty of them. She has worked as an au pair in Paris and Morocco, taught English in Greece and Jamaica, worked on boats in Canada and Mallorca, and tutored in Sweden and London, just to name a few.

Trisha has written 26 young adult books. With the Kama Sutra Under My Arm is her first adult travel title and the realisation of a lifelong dream to share her stories with grown-ups!

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ISBN: 9788122205312 | Format: Paperback, eBook | Language: English | Extent:  224 pp