Joker in the Pack

Joker in the Pack: An Irreverent View of Life at IIMs - Ritesh Sharma and Neeeraj Pahlajani

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This is a story of dreaming the great Indian middle class dream, and of life shaped - accidentally or by design, only God knows - by the great Indian middle class values. The joyride begins in the lap of two favourite pastimes of the nation - cricket and television - and after some shattered dreams, leads to the hallowed precincts of the venerated IIMs. It is a story of the life at the IIMs, and of life beyond. It is a story of how to play the IIM game successfully and beat the super distillation system refined by the IIMs to separate the chaff from the grain, the also-rans from the super achievers. The story has bit of raw truth. It is also tongue-in-cheek. It is designed to whet the appetite of those aspiring. It will evoke nostalgia amongst the alumni; it will also anger a few.

Read on... you will either love it, or hate it, but will find it difficult to put down.

"Joker in the Pack is better than most in this growing genre..." - Mint Lounge

"... the book takes a look at life at IIMs... the authors honestly describe in detail the disappointment, bitterness and reconciliation as part of the IIM package." - The Hindu

"... a racy, entertaining tale of dreaming big and reaching the impossible, told with panache, in a been-there-done-that tone." - Telegraph, Kolkata

"Tongue-in-cheek, Joker in the Pack evokes nostalgia amongst the alumni and whets aspirant's appetite for what life has to impart." - The Financial Express, Mumbai

"An addictive, attention-grabbing account of life at IIMs! I could see half of my batchmates fit into the shoes of the protagonist..." - S Ramakrishnan (IIM-C), Exec. VP. North India, HDFC Bank


Neeraj Pahlajani (IIM-B, 2006) and Ritesh Sharma (IIM-L, 2005) are part of American Express and work with its India and USA offices. Neeraj enjoys travelling, while Ritesh is passionate about word puzzles and sudoku.

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ISBN: 9788122204575 | Format: Paperback, eBook | Language: English | Extent:  200 pp