Classics: From the Iliad to Midnight's Children - Jane Gleeson-White


This is a selection of some of the best books ever written and published. It represents a small cosmos of 2500 years of our literary heritage.

It is your invitation to those great works you always wanted to read, a gateway to fulfilling pursuit of understanding of human culture by exploring some of the most enduring writings of the world.

These books are invaluable for their insight into the human heart and soul; for their wisdom and humour; for their worth as records of social, political, and economic life in other times and places; and for their extraordinary mastery of language - so extraordinary, in fact, that each book serves as a storehouse of literary quality, of style, rhythm, vocabulary, and ingenuity of expression.

These are some of the best loved books; books which have endured and will continue to live on.

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Jane Gleeson-White is a Ph.D in creative writing and an adjunct lecturer at UNSW Canberra. She is the author of internationally acclaimed Double Entry: How the merchants of Venice created modern finance, and its sequel Six Capitals: Capitalism, climate change and accounting.  Her book reviews and essays have been widely published, including by the Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Griffith Review, Sydney Morning Herald and the Sydney Review of Books.

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ISBN: 9788122204988 | Format: Paperback | Language: English | Extent:  256 pp