Ugly Duckling Goes to Work

Ugly Duckling Goes to Work - Mette Norgaard

Most professionals push themselves relentlessly to become more successful. But rarely do they find the time to slow down, reflect, and connect to what it is that makes work exciting and meaningful for them.

The Ugly Duckling Goes to Work draws on Hans Christian Andersen's classic stories to help people become more authentic and alive in their work - in short, to have a genuine work life.

Timed to coincide with the global celebration of Andersen's 200th birthday, this charming and incisive book presents new translations of classic fairy tales, and examines the themes and folk wisdom that can be applied to today's workplace. The Emperor's New Clothes cautions what can happen when fitting in is taken too far; while The Ugly Duckling describes the beauty of finding the company of 'fellow swans' and working with people who bring out the best in ourselves.

Lighthearted yet practical, The Ugly Duckling Goes to Work helps readers think about their professional lives in a way that will bring greater purpose to their busy work lives


Mette Norgaard

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