Startup Diaries - Gagan Jain and Neeti Jain

Startup Diaries

Stories of vision and conviction, passion and persistence, struggles and setbacks of six individuals behind the startups that became major players in their domain.

Entrepreneurs ― from the Hindi heartland to Ivy League B-Schools and a college drop-out ― who were convinced that their ideas offered a better value proposition than all existing products and services.

Uncommon stories of common individuals. These are no super heroes or geniuses or heirs of super rich families or the 'lucky ones', rather they are the men who made mistakes, suffered deceit and setbacks, and fought against all odds to come up triumphant.

Each of the stories is from a different field and presents a different face, yet the soul remains the same - ability to make things happen. Conviction, passion, willingness to take risks, hard work, perseverance, and team building remain the underlying thread in each story.

Book Review

'What makes this book good is that the stories are not about business heirs, but about common people who took a risk, made a start and reached their goals.' Hindustan Times

'The authors have presented six inspirational stories in an episodic format. The narrative moves like cinematic shots from one stage to another, from one struggle to another to the final victory.' The Tribune


Gagan Jain is a seasoned professional with many years of experience in media, retail, e-commerce and Startups within India and abroad. He founded, a brand of unique and stylish hand painted lifestyle products. He is also co-founder of Puzzle Desh, a Singapore based startup. Prior to his own entrepreneurial ventures, Gagan played a key role in setting up operations for couple of startups like Moneysaver (Now Snapdeal) and Mad(e) In India. He has also worked with Global companies including Landmark Group, The Times of India Group, Globus, etc. Gagan holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management and his interests include teaching and writing. He has been actively conducting workshops for business bodies like PHDCCI and has been a visiting lecturer to various reputed B-schools in India and abroad. He was honored as ‘50 Most Talented Retail Professionals of India-2014’ by Asian Retail Congress.

Neeti Jain is Co-Founder and Creative director of, which work towards training artists on new and innovative techniques of painting to create designer apparels and home décor products. She has extensive experience of working in Advertising, Media and Consultancy in India and Abroad with companies like Times of India, Lowe Lintas and Morrison. She received her M.A. in Economics along with Post Graduate Diploma in Brand management and Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management. Neeti has been visiting faculty to various business schools in India and Oman.

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