If Better is Possible — John Buchanan

If Better is Possible

From the most successful cricket coach of all time comes the secret to coaching success. If Better is Possible shows how business managers and coaches at all levels can lead their teams to greatness, and explores in detail what it takes to build and sustain championship teams.

If Better is Possible offers guidance on making important and life-changing choices, creating a culture of success, gaining mental toughness, using systems and processes to achieve a winning advantage, providing leadership opportunities, and matching competitor's ideas. It presents valuable insights into the strategic thinking behind leading an elite team.

Woven throughout is the behind-the-scene story of how the Australian Cricket Team, under John Buchanan's guidance, became invincible. The team won a record sixteen consecutive Test matches across six series and four countries. It won two World Cups and successfully retaining the Ashes.

John Buchanan's If Better is Possible reveals the strategies he used to take the Australian Cricket Team to the top of their game - and keep them there.

Book Review

'...it will be absorbed by corporates, coaches and players desperate to understand John's world-leading approach.' Cricinfo

'If Better is Possible by John is a total surprise. It is a readable book by a cricket coach. It also scores high on sense of humour (who would have thought of Buchanan as a funny man?)... Some of his 'key messages' are worth pondering.' The Telegraph


John Buchanan is regarded as one of the most successful international sports coaches in history, including head coach of one of the greatest teams in sports history, the Australian Cricket team from 1999-2007. 

John Buchanan is the Director and Owner of Buchanan Success Coaching – a business designed to enhance corporate success through the winning lessons from sport. With over 30 years in international coaching, education and organisational management, John brings this experience and wisdom to his role as Peak Performance Strategist.

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