Worlds Most Incredible Puzzles

Worlds Most Incredible Puzzles - Charles Barry Townsend

Challenge yourself! Rack your brain and break your head!

You will need your eyes, your imagination, your sense of humor, and, most important, your mind to find out the answers to these brainteasers. You will have hours of fun sifting through the clues, pouring over the illustrations, and straining your brain. Some may look easy, you will think that the puzzles are obvious, but beware! These puzzles are tricky. The puzzles have not been categorized according to type or difficulty. As you work your way through the book, you will be confronted with a different and exciting challenge on every page. So sharpen your pencils, settle back in your chair and get set to solve these puzzles!


Charles Barry Townsend has been writing books and editing magazines on puzzles, games, and magic for over 16 years. He is the author of several books, including The World's Best Puzzles, The World's Most Challenging Puzzles, and The World's Toughest Puzzles.

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