Stay Smart

Stay Smart: 100 Exercises to Keep Your Brain Sharp - Charles Phillips

Stay Smart contains a wealth of puzzles and thinking challenges that will help exercise your memory and improve your powers of recall.

Ever stopped mid-sentence because your mind has wandered? Arrive upstairs to wonder why? Forgotten a PIN number you've had for ages?

These 'senior' moments occur at any age and at any time — they simply mean that your brain needs exercise and your memory needs a jog.

Brain changes as we age — the signals travel more slowly — but there is now strong evidence that we can do something about it. Keeping your brain active counters the effects of natural decline that comes with ageing.

So you need to stay smart. Do this by taking 100 specially designed puzzles, challenges and exercises in this book arranged in three groups.

You'll also learn how your brain and memory function operate, and how to defy the ageing process with key information on diet, exercise, sleep and concentration.

Now you'll always finish that sentence...


Charles Phillips is the author of 30 books, including the bestselling How to Think series, published in 19 languages, and Business Brain Trainer.

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