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More Puzzles - Shakuntala Devi

Original... Maddening and... Irresistible!

Here are over 300 brain teasers, riddles and mathematical puzzles by one of the greatest mathematical geniuses of the twentieth century, Shakuntala Devi, popularly known as the 'human computer'. Often entertaining, but always stimulating, the puzzles included in the book offer hours of fun and relaxation.

"She leaves you spellbound with calculating feats that could be the envy of the best computers in the world."Times of India


Born in a well-known family of Brahmin priests in Bangalore, Shakuntala Devi received her early lessons in mathematics from her grandfather. By the age of five, she was recognised as a child prodigy and an expert in complex mental arithmetic. A year later she demonstrated her talents to a large assembly of students and professors at the University of Mysore.

Hailed as an authentic heroine of our times her feats are recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. She made international headlines for out-performing and out-computing the most sophisticated computers in the world.

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