IQ Tests to Keep You Sharp

IQ Tests to Keep You Sharp - Phillip J Carter and Kenneth A Russel

The tests in this book are specially compiled to provide fun and entertainment to those who take them. At the same time, the questions are designed to be similar in format to those you are likely to encounter in IQ tests. If you perform well on these tests you are likely to do well on actual IQ tests. Because they have been specially compiled for this publication, the tests are not standardized and, therefore, an actual IQ score cannot be given. Nevertheless, we do provide an approximate guide to performance on each test, for those of you who may wish to exercise your competitive instincts. We also provide a time limit for those of you wishing to try the tests against the clock.

An IQ test usually consists of several different types of questions. These are basically verbal, numerical, visual (culture fair), and logic. To help you test yourself in each of these disciplines separately, and identify individual strengths and possible weaknesses which need to be worked on, we have arranged the tests in the book into five sections: verbal, visual, numerical, calculation and logic, and multidiscipline. The verbal, numerical, and calculation and logic sections consist of five individual tests with fifteen questions in each test. The visual section consists of three tests with fifteen questions each. The final section, multidiscipline, which brings together all the four types of questions in the previous sections, consists of five individual tests with twenty questions in each test.

Check out whether you are best at verbal, visual, numerical, or calculation and logic questions.


Philip Carter is a JP and an Estimator from Yorkshire. He is Puzzle Editor of Enigmasig, the monthly newsletter of the Mensa Puzzle Special Interest group.

Ken Russell is a London surveyor and is Puzzle Editor of the British Mensa Magazine, a magazine which is sent to its members monthly.

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